Patient Reviews of Hearing Care Professionals

I am so pleased with my Oticon Hearing Aids. The whole experience was a pleasure. Dr. Livingston is both professional and knowledgeable. Her explanations of my needs as well as the many features of the hearing aides was phenomenal. I recommend her to anyone considering hearing devices.

– B.L.

I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my new Oticon hearing aids. I have been wearing hearing aids since the late 1960’s. The first two or three were in one ear. This provided limited success. I have since been wearing aids in both ears.

I can say without a doubt this set of Oticon Xceed 1 Ultra Power hearing aids has offered the greatest improvement of any I have had over the past. I am hearing things now in group environments that I could never distinguish or “understand” before. Now I must train myself to pay more attention than I did before. Before I got the new Oticons, my lack of hearing caused me not to concentrate on what was being said.

The one thing that I really like is my cellphone being Bluetooth into my hearing aids. In the past I would resist phone conversation as much as I could because of the difficulty understanding. If there was background noise around, I would just have to request that I would call them back. I can now talk regardless of how much noise is around me. Love it. I am happy I chose to purchase these new aids instead of sending my one aid in for repair.

I am pleased with the results in all areas such as TV, radio, group conversation and speakers from a podium

– J.W.K.

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with service I was provided and the fantastic results of my new Oticon hearing aids. I have been wearing hearing aids for the past thirty years with limited success. I was not able to distinguish background noise from someone talking to me. This became very frustrating. I had tried in the ear units as well as behind the ear variety. None of them ever worked to my satisfaction until now. You suggested that I try the Oticon Open 1 hearing aids as a possible solution. I tried them for a week’s demonstration and was elated with the results. I am now hearing sounds I have never heard before now. An example is that I can now hear the warning beeps from my car on approaching cars in back of me. At home I can hear tv at a volume that is pleasant for me as well as my family the past I either watched tv alone or had to use closed caption when family members watch tv with me. It caused me to isolate myself from family members in not being able to hear well enough to join in on conversations that were taking place. Even my wife no longer has to repeat herself when talking to me without asking for her to repeat her conversation. This even applies to my being able to hear individuals in group settings without being irritated by all the sounds running together an leaving the room frustrated.

One of the best features of the new aids is the ability for me to have sounds streamed to my cell phone. Prior to using the Oticons I had to put the calls on speaker phone at the highest level in order to hear incoming calls. Now on all my blu-tooth devices as well as my phone I can hear directly through my hearing aids and not disturb others. This provides me a means of privacy when talking on the phone in public. I ordered the rechargeable Oticons and have enjoyed not changing batteries. I assume it will help in eliminating moisture, since I won’t need to expose the battery part of the hearing aid

In summation I can say the Oticons are worth every penny and that you have given me back a much better quality of life through being able to hear what I have been missing all these years. My wife is much happier by seeing how much a difference in me becoming a part of the family conversations again.

– R.F.

Thirty-five years ago I contracted Meniere’s Disease leaving me mostly deaf in my left ear. I was treated for the Vertigo but never regained my hearing. I bought hearing aids twice over the next 15 years, never finding a product that helped me. Finally, during my 75th year of life, I decided to see what was available now. I reached out to Anne Livingston per referral from my insurance company. She new exactly what I needed…the corssover. Used them for a couple of weeks and knew I had the right product. For the first time in so many years I heard the turn signal in my car, heard my footsteps across my carpet, turned my TV volume down by half and heard sounds never before heard. My friends also said my voice was much quieter. The quality of my life has improved so much and I’m so grateful that, even at an older age, I finally found Anne and her company.

– S.M.